Columnist’s tax bill claims unfounded

To the editor:

No one should be surprised when Rob Swindell assaults conservative attitudes about anything. His typical liberal exaggerations are laughable.

Swindell (in a Dec. 28 column) says the newly passed tax bill “wasn’t debated” and is “a bill they knew little about and a bill they ignored public opinion.” I fully doubt those who passed the bill were as ignorant as Swindell wants to believe. But what does his opinion remind us of? Oh yes, the liberal Obamacare bill that Nancy Pelosi proudly announced, “We’ll know what’s in the bill once we pass it.”

It is amazing that Swindell would bring up the national debt our country now has. He seems to be blaming President Donald Trump for the debt, but has conveniently forgotten his liberal President Barack Obama set records in increasing our debt all by himself.

Swindell uses an analogy of “bribery” to explain his slanted view. Again, he forgets what the Democrats are doing to bribe people who are here illegally by asking for amnesty for all so they can expand their liberal voting base instead of upholding immigration laws. I guess we’re not supposed to see beyond the smoke and mirrors.

We have seen several corporations who have given out considerable bonuses to employees directly due to the tax cuts. Increasing the minimum wage, as Swindell suggests, only serves to raise prices on products.

To consider Trump a “liar” and then ignore the past eight years of liberal policies we are trying to recover from is simply lying by omission and convenient amnesia.

Nate Baker