Why our email isn’t working

<strong>The Way I See It</strong> Jason Hawk, editor

The Way I See It Jason Hawk, editor

Because my headache wasn’t big enough. Because some days the universe decides to kick you in the gut. Because the dark lord of technology has turned his baleful gaze on us. Because good grief.

Why isn’t our email working?

Because sometimes technology stops loving you and decides to stomp on your heart.

If you’ve tried to send an email submission — a letter to the editor, a sports score, an obituary, a bulletin board item — to us via normal channels the past few days, you’ve probably gotten a bounce-back saying the message is absolutely, positively, not-in-a-thousand-years, forget-it-Buster, sure-as-heck not going to go through.

This summer, you may have read that we, along with dozens of other newspapers in Ohio both large and small, were sold by Civitas Media to AIM Media Midwest. I’ve been through a few ownership transfers over the years and they usually come with frustrating but mostly invisible behind-the-scenes changes. Now, with the ever-increasing marriage of information and technology, the changes aren’t cute little hiccups anymore; it seems the Computer Lords chose to unleash crippling problems during this particular change-over.

Over the weekend, our company attempted to move its 1,000 employees statewide from old to new email servers. It was expected to take a few early morning hours. It took longer. As I write this, we’re on Day Three and Defcon Two. We’re flying blind while the tech guys do their thing.

Imagine me banging my head against a desk, because that’s definitely been happening.

I’ve set up a temporary email account, lcnewspapers@gmail.com, so we still have contact with folks for the duration of this problem, however long it lasts, which already feels like somewhere between eternity and forever and ever, amen. If you’ve sent anything to us at news@theoberlinnews.com or any AIM address since midday Friday, you might consider sending it again, just in case.

I realize it’s a pain. I’m there with you. Ouch! I’m sorry we’re going through this together. In the short-term it’s probably going to have an effect on what runs in our newspapers this week. We’re almost certain to miss something, and I apologize.

May your Internet connection never falter and your hard drive never fail, my friends.

The Way I See It Jason Hawk, editor
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