Success on display

To the editor:

I attended the boys and girls basketball games this past week. The teams demonstrated disciplined and skilled effort, clearly from months of coaching and strenuous work at practice, all of which led to resounding victories — the kind of results that makes a community proud.

In the games and in the preparation, the students learned how to be successful — how to win basketball games. But their experience was not limited to sports. It will benefit them for a lifetime. Coaches (educators) have dedicated themselves to guide young people along a road of effort to the destination of self-respect and confidence.

In Wellington classrooms, band rooms, gyms, playgrounds, and cafeterias, the great majority of students respectfully accept their responsibilities to learn to try their best and support one another. Outside of the school, we sometimes hear the negatives and forget all the daily hard work, student cooperation and successes. As families and community members, we want our children to show respect for others and be respected. We want them to prepare for their life ahead and to be good citizens. The principals and staff want the same. No one wins, including the students, when negatives drain our energy. We each have a part to play in a community school. We each should be proud of the opportunities our children have to learn and be happy. Wellington pride is a powerful force for action.

It was easy for me to see the successes of the basketball teams. They were displayed before me on the court and on the scoreboard. Let’s all notice the successes in our classrooms. Teachers and principals are working to make it happen. Let’s all be part of a positive education team that provides opportunities for all our kids. It takes focus and hard work but we learned that when we were in school.

Bill Burkhardt