Pirates need a November levy champion

To the editor:

Black River passed an unprecedented school levy back in 2013 that gave the district room to breathe and room to succeed.

With the majority of the community finally realizing the need was real, the newly-appointed BR school superintendent Chris Clark turned a spiraling school district into a thriving one, and within a well-maintained budget.

Time has marched on and Black River school district must pass a renewal levy to keep the standards alive and well. We remind everyone reading this that renewal means no new taxes, which means no more money paid by residents to keep the district out of the red and continuing to prosper.

This is the call to find the ideal chairperson to lead this crusade for renewal. As former and principal members of the 2013 levy committee, we will guarantee this position will not be without its hardships and sleepless nights. The one thing we will assure you is the tremendous satisfaction of a job well done when the renewal levy passes in November 2017.

A second thing we will promise the chairperson candidate is the unbelievable endearment felt when a student hugs and thanks you because they know you took part in a campaign for their school and education. And you will never, ever forget the appreciation the youth of your community shared.

There is someone out there that has the endurance and tenacity to take on this job as chairperson of the 2017 school levy to renew what we have!

We want to personally challenge one of the community members of the Black River school district to call superintendent Chris Clark now and take on this chairperson venture. You will witness how the community will rally for its children. Everyone wants to be part of it! Victory is contagious!

Melissa Sas


Angela Dudziak

Director of Public Relations

2013 Black River School Levy Committee