Your help brings new benches, scholarships

To the editor:

The Wellington High School boys and girls soccer teams recently concluded their 2nd Annual Hoagie Fundraiser.

This successful event could not have happened without the efforts of many individuals.

Thank you to Steve and Tammie Krakomperger and the staff at Village Market. You were wonderful to work with and we appreciate all your help in the planning and execution of our hoagie sale.

Thank you to our soccer players for promoting, selling, and delivering the hoagies. Thank you to our soccer parents for their assistance in making these wonderfully fresh hoagies. Thank you Gary Feron, Cindy Storrow, and Barb Ziegler for the kitchen and custodial help at the school. Thank you to those that purchased hoagies and supported our kids.

We couldn’t have had such a delicious and successful fundraiser without your help!

The boosters plan to use the funds from this fundraiser to purchase new team benches for the soccer field as well as distribute two $500 scholarships at the honors awards banquet in May.

Amy Calfo

Wellington High School Soccer Boosters