Donations helped 1,900 families last year

To the editor:

The Well-Help board of directors would like to thank everyone who donated to Well-Help last year.

Donations of food, money to purchase food, toys for our toy giveaway, or volunteering time for food and toy giveaways were greatly appreciated. Local churches, schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals gave generously so we could provide nutritious food to those in need. Also, many toys were donated so area children could have a happy Christmas.

Well-Help covers the villages of Rochester and Wellington and the townships of Brighton, Camden, Huntington, Penfield, Pittsfield, Rochester, and Wellington. In 2016, we served 1,898 families, which included 1,043 seniors, 2,798 adults, and 2,021 children. We spent $65,081.54 for food last year and this amount does not include food that was donated.

As you can see, it takes a lot of money, along with donated food, to help our area people that need to feed their families. We hope that in 2017 we will be as fortunate to receive food or money to purchase food as in past years. Your donations are the only way we can stay open and help people in need. Again, thank you.

Lois Baker, Secretary​