The future of Wellington Schools

To the editor:

I applaud the Wellington board of education for the selection of our next district superintendent. However, those of us who have lived in Wellington for a number of years have seen these promising beginnings before. Edward Weber is a highly qualified and talented superintendent with a record of academic leadership. For his experience and skills to translate into an improved educational experience for Wellington students, he will need help.

Any superintendent deserves a school board that functions professionally, providing guidance and oversight while the administration and faculty do the jobs they are trained to do, engages as a partner in long-term strategies, and unifies community involvement and support. Informal “polls” after the community forum (I attended the forum by the way and didn’t get polled) or 30-minute public speeches on behalf of one candidate or another reflect neither a professional process nor a unifying spirit.

The superintendent will also need community involvement. We have talented teachers and administrators but to modify a famous saying, it takes a village to create a great school district. Our community has a wealth of people with personal and professional experiences that can complement and expand the educational and extracurricular offerings. We all need to be willing to work in concert with the new superintendent and our school administration. And we will all benefit as our schools grow in value to our students.

David L. Moffatt