Library needs money to cover costs

To the editor:

The Herrick Memorial Library has a long history of providing a wide range of materials, programs, and services to all members of its community.

After 10 years of no additional funding and very prudent budgeting, the library is asking its constituents to approve Issue 25. Within this issue is a five-year renewal of 0.77 mills and an additional 0.48 mills. As a member of the library’s board, I would like to reassure all voters that we are diligent with all funds coming and going. We have reached the point where the money just doesn’t cover the costs of the valuable services and materials that the library wants to continue to provide.

I urge all constituents to vote for Issue 25 so that Herrick Memorial Library will be able to continue to be one of its community’s greatest assets.

Cynthia Reighley

President, Herrick Memorial Library Board