Dunlap would be friendly voice at state level

To the editor:

While there are many choices on Nov. 8 for residents in and around the community to decide on, I want to weigh in on the race for state representative to the 57th District. Of the two candidates running, Tom Dunlap has shown himself to be more knowledgeable with the issues and familiar with our community.

You have very likely seen Tom at different places and events throughout Wellington as he has maintained a regular presence here. I met Tom in February at a Farm Bureau legislative brunch held at the Wellington Reservation Metro Park. From that point on, Tom has been a familiar face in the village.

Tom has been a regular attendee of the Coffee with the Mayor, listening to concerns of village officials and residents. He has walked throughout our community knocking on doors and talking to residents. Tom has attended multiple council meetings, the Chamber of Commerce’s candidates night, and the 2nd Annual Safety Services Ball, where he was a winning bidder on several items. In another of my roles, while serving on the Lorain County Junior Fair livestock committee, Tom Dunlap was there supporting 4-H youth by buying market animals.

Most importantly, Tom has taken the time to listen and promised to take those issues to Columbus.

Tom’s rural and family background aligns with who we are as a community. Tom’s experience as a teacher, law enforcement official, and county commissioner will allow him to become an effective leader from day one. A vote for Tom Dunlap doesn’t just send him to Columbus to represent us. A vote for Tom Dunlap ensures we will have a friendly voice at the state level to fight for our community.

Please join me in supporting Tom Dunlap for state representative for the 57th District.

Sandy Denes

President, Wellington Village Council