Glass is the clear choice

To the editor:

Sherry Glass has the best professional qualifications for judge of the Lorain County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division.

As a lawyer working in the local courts, I have known Sherry during her 18-year career at the Lorain County prosecutor’s office and have been impressed by her legal knowledge and analytical thinking. Sherry is committed to finding the truth and dedicated to achieving justice. Glass treats everyone with whom she comes in contact with courtesy and consideration.

Sherry Glass was chosen by her peers to serve as president of the Lorain County Bar Association in 2011. Sherry is endorsed by both the Lorain Fraternal Order of Police and the Lorain County Bar Association.

Her opponent, on the other hand, barely meets the standard of “actively engaged in the practice of a law,” as a search of the clerk of courts website reveals that she represented only three adults over the past seven years in Lorain County. Her billing statements to the county auditor show that she works only about eight hours per week on juvenile court appointments. She lists a post office box as her law office address. Her law practice is more like a hobby than a profession. Krista Marinaro is not prepared to become a judge.

Sherry Glass is a woman with high ethical standards who worked hard for everything she has achieved. She clearly is the best qualified candidate for judge and deserves your vote on Nov. 8.

Jack Kilroy, Attorney at Law