Mound is a site of contention

To the editor:

Once again the village of Wellington will be removing the pitching mound from Field 1 at the Wellington Community Park. This is happening due to Keystone Softball wanting to utilize the park as an overflow site for a tournament that will be this weekend, only lasting two days.

When the mound was place in the spring of 2015, by various coaches, parents and players (who donated all of the equipment, supplies, and time), the village told these volunteers that the mound would remain until the new baseball field was complete. Unfortunately, they have changed their minds. The clay brick that was used to form the mound was very costly and generously donated by various organizations within the community. Once the mound is removed, the clay bricks are not able to be reused. There is no current plan on how the mound will be replaced, as to who will purchase new clay brick and give their time to install.

WHS baseball has games scheduled for Monday and Thursday at the Community Park following the softball tournament this weekend. Unfortunately these games will have to be rescheduled and played in a different community!

Three of the four fields are able to be utilized by the softball tournament, why can’t this be enough? Let baseball have the one field that they were promised!

Wendy Norton