Our children are everything

To the editor:

Children must obey their parents. Children must respect their parents. Children must obey their teachers. Children must respect their teachers.

Children are the living embodiment of the future. To know what the future will look like, we only have to look at the children. They are it, and there’s nothing else. Children can be helped or improved upon even if they are teenagers; it is never too late to help them. But even if it is, we have no choice but to try to help them, for, again, they are all we have.

It is parents’ responsibilities to make sure that their children obey them and respect them. While children can always be helped regardless of their ages, God gives us the power to do this most easily when the children are first born and during the next five or so years. Cement is most malleable when it is first poured and it can be shaped almost effortlessly. Once it sets, it can still be changed, but it will require a jackhammer. The earlier parents try to get their children to obey them, the better. Surely, doing this is extremely difficult for many parents for all the reasons we know and accept.

All of us able to help — family, friends, politicians, and society — must help. Failure cannot be an option. Our future is at stake.

Booker C. Peek