Issue 14 is about health care

To the editor:

Lorain County is continuing to see the number of individuals struggling with the opioid addiction increase.

It’s important to note that the majority of those who have become addicted have predominately become so as a result of taking appropriately prescribed medications provided to them by trusted health care providers. This is not to indicate that the health care provider did anything wrong — in fact, they were trying to treat a symptom in a manner supported by medical research. The problem is that 30 percent of those who have used a narcotic will become addicted to narcotics and thus opioids. It becomes our responsibility to take care of those in our county now struggling with addiction.

This requires a full continuum of care including detox, men’s residential treatment, and recovery housing. Currently we do not have a detox center nor do we have a men’s residential center. And the demand for recovery housing far exceeds our current capacity. I encourage you to vote for Issue 14, which will help us build the treatment continuum that will take care of those in Lorain County struggling with this horrible disease.

Thomas D. Stuber, President and CEO