Be a hero and brake for cyclists

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the Sept. 27 article reporting a serious hit-skip injury to a cyclist, Allyson Koch, who suffered a broken pelvis and a head laceration from a car crash with a gray Toyota Highlander.

First, speedy recovery to Allyson. Second, I hope the driver is apprehended and charged appropriately.

My comment is pertaining to Wellington assistant fire chief’s statement, “She was right there as two cars passed each other. Whether she was out in the road too far, I do not know.”

A bicycle has the same right to be on a road as a motor vehicle, thus the passing vehicle must assure they have enough room to safely pass. Just as the driver must make sure they can safely pass an Amish buggy or a farm vehicle, the same applies to a cyclist. So although a cyclist must keep to the right as much as practical, the cyclist cannot be passed by any vehicle of any type unless there is adequate clearance. So motorists must insure that there is adequate clearance.

Sometimes cyclists ride far to the right but must swerve to avoid broken glass or a pothole. So giving wide clearance to the cyclist is prudent.

The best practice would be to wait a moment to pass the cyclist until the approaching car has passed and then the overtaking car can safely pass. It’s never a good idea to have three vehicles (two cars and a bicycle) abreast.

Just last year in the same area a cyclist was killed by a negligent motorist. Two years ago another cyclist was hit and killed by a hit-skip driver. This is too much!

Pat Serio