Kids need a new school

To the editor:

As a 1996 Firelands graduate employed as a technology specialist and a parent in the district, I know how important the Firelands Schools levy issue is for our students and or community. My wife and I have two elementary age children, a freshman, a junior attending the JVS, and three older children, one attends Kent State, one attends BGSU and active Marine stationed in Okinawa. My children have shared how difficult it is to try to learn at South Amherst Middle School. I can remember the poor building conditions; the schools are just how they’ve been for decades, for SAMS a century.

Our schools should be preparing students for what they will see and experience in college, the military, and trade schools but our buildings fall short of that and that’s a huge problem. Students cannot fully utilize 21st century classroom technology because the buildings do not have the necessary systems and lack security mechanisms to keep our kids safe.

It’s time as a district to provide a safe and up-to-date learning environment our students and teachers deserve. Show you care about our students’s success and vote for Firelands Schools on Nov. 6.

Andrew Doane