Character matters for this job

To the editor:

Lindsey Graham’s expressed concern that we will thwart our ability to attract future talent by putting Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh through hell is emotive. I’m surprised the opportunity to apply Republican-revered efficient market thinking is being missed to allay his fear.

Highlighting and policing the importance of character creates a “prequalified” nominee pool. (If your job description requires C++ skills, few without it apply.) So the chances of spending time, money, and emotional energy on hearings like we’ve just seen are lower.

A more qualified pool multiplied by a lower probability of hitting the character speed bump equals a higher value expected outcome.

I reject the chatter that “no one has clean hands” in this world. Boys will be boys and that’s not always pretty. That’s why we need to continually invest in supporting boys becoming good men. But there are many male nominees who haven’t abused women at any point in their development.

And of course, there is a pool of women out there.

I look forward to honing the process that delivers a Supreme Court our democracy requires.

Victor Melfi Jr.