Where lies the truth?

To the editor:

On Sept. 27, both professor Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the world. She has accused the judge of gross sexual misconduct almost 35 years ago when the two were in different high schools, and he has vigorously denied all her charges. President Donald Trump has cast the most serious doubts on professor Ford’s credibility.

We Americans and all the committee members do get to make up our own minds by listening to the two persons involved. Had all of this come out earlier, we’d have had a lot more time to get closer to the truth. Until today, there was more than enough time to get more information by having the FBI interview far more persons who may or may not have anything to say on the record.

Because the chair of the Senate has already declared that the judge will become our next Supreme Court justice no matter what happens in today’s hearing, we all suffer, especially the professor or the judge, or maybe both. This is not a fair process. In a normal trial, each participant would have had a chance to present information from others. This process ends with a “she said, he said,” and the judge will be appointed. All will get a chance this fall to address this matter again.

Let’s vote to ensure a far fairer process.

Booker C. Peek