Unification and peace for Korea

To the editor:

Unification of South and North Korea has been pursued by South Korean president Moon Jae-in with cooperation of the North Korean leader Kim Jong un. Such action would involve negotiations over considerable tine, other countries involved in the Korean War and settlement of the war. The war was not concluded with a treaty.

Peace for Korea, unified or not, involves denuclearization of the North. The meeting between Kim and President Donald Trump did not result in denuclearization. They declared friendship, Kim pledged commitment to denuclearization, and Trump guaranteed security for North Korea. This is progress and both Kim and Trump deserve credit. The U.S. holds a strong position with superior weaponry and military forces. A second meeting between the U.S. and North Korea is proposed.

To ensure peaceful, long-range negotiations with North Korea, two bills are proposed for Congress, HB 4837 and SB 2047, both of which seek to restrict funds for military operations in North Korea. These bills place authorization for such use in the Congress as a constitutional declaration.

Virginia Erdy