Focus on the problem, not the flag

To the editor:

America paid tribute last week to Aretha Franklin and John McCain because they both strove hard to make “America Greater than Ever” by underscoring unceasingly the need for us to embrace differences and engage with those whose views differ from our own. We are one people, one nation, and one world, in spite of the fights we may have on any given day.

This Sunday, this Thursday, in fact, a new NFL season starts. Many players want to bring an end to police violence against blacks; and last year many did not stand for our National Anthem as a sign protesting this violence.

They have a right to do as they please, but there are consequences. One has been that their action has taken most of the attention off their goal. Perhaps they should stand and place one hand over their hearts and one over their lungs.

The point is that all the focus must be on the problem, not on the question of the flag or love for America. This is so because the problem is a difficult one to solve. Virtually all Americans who love what the flag stands for favor the law being applied to those officers found guilty. Virtually all the officers are great Americans and deserve so much support. Sorting this all out requires a lot of hard work.

McCain and Franklin left it to us to do just that. Let’s meet together and do so.

Booker C. Peek