Is this what is being taught?

To the editor:

I think it is important to inform parents what English class at a college level consists of in 2018. As a mother of a high school student attending CCP class at the Wellington LCCC branch, my child has spent the semester covering the following topics in English:

1. Transgenderism.

2. Intersex individuals and their rights.

3. The Fag Discourse.

4. The Penetrated Male.

5. The plight of the male body hair.

6. Pissed Christ.

And the semester isn’t even over with yet for another month. I expected an English course to consist of educational material, not the trash that is being taught. I feel misinformed as to the topic of this course, and I feel it is important for other parents to know what is actually being discussed in English classes in 2018.

Lacey Postlethwait