Why vote Green in the primary?

To the editor:

Voting Green Party in the 2018 primary for Ohio’s governor is important whether gubernatorial candidate Constance Gadell-Newton and lieutenant governor candidate Brett Joseph are contested by another in the same party or not. We expect our media to share more information about all the candidates in this race.

Your primary vote will help build the Green Party for those who believe our politicians must commit to value-based politics, as expressed in the Green Party’s “4 Pillars”: social and economic justice, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, and non-violence.

I left the two parties behind when it became clear Democrats and Republicans are repeatedly taking back-room deals by insiders and power brokers over the needs of people, planet, and in matters of justice and peace. Democrats and Republicans continue to show Ohio’s people disrespect when they stand on the side of corporate interests, allowing the needs of Ohioans to fall by the wayside.

Visit www.gp.org for more general information and visit www.facebook.com/ConstanceforOH for more information on Ohio’s Green Party candidate for governor and lieutenant governor. Vote in the upcoming primary. If you support the Green Party, it is vital you vote in this upcoming primary in order to keep this party strong and viable.

Lisa Kavanaugh