One-sentence editorials

Jason Hawk Editor

Jason Hawk Editor

Sometimes a single sentence gets the point across.

I enjoy writing columns as much as the next guy. It’s a chance to think about why we believe what we believe, why we act how we act, and why we think how we think — to really kick the tires.

But not every topic deserves a full write-up, which is why I’ve started a series called “One-sentence editorials” on Twitter. You can read one each weekday by following @EditorHawk.

Some are intended to be humorous, such as “Chicken should not be gelatinous,” an epiphany I reached after a lunch gone bad.

Others reflect serious topics I think about through the week as we go about our coverage: “The stock market is not the economy, and just because the DOW is up does not mean most people are doing well.”

And still others are simply thoughts about how we should aspire to live, such as, “Everybody wants something but who is willing to give something?”

Follow along and tell me what you think!

Jason Hawk Editor Hawk Editor