Done paying for liberal views

To the editor:

It is with deep regret that I write to inform you that I will not be renewing my subscription to the Enterprise after 30 years of faithfully reading the publication.

While this newspaper has long been affectionately known as “The Emptyprise” due to it’s focus on local news, sports and events, I have supported it and enjoyed reading it to stay connected with the pulse of the community. In recent years, however, editor Jason Hawk has made the publication his personal platform for his liberal views. The July 2, 2015 issue was a perfect example. It included articles entitled “Comments Lean in Favor of Marriage Equity” (really?) complete with a lopsided number of “So happy!” and “Long overdue!” comments pulled “unbiasedly” (no doubt) from Facebook and as usual, Mr. Hawk’s leftist editorial as “an ally of the gay community.” In years past I could read the editor’s viewpoint and not know in advance the liberal diatribe I would have to endure. Is Mr. Hawk’s perspective truly reflective of the Wellington community? I personally don’t believe so.

My concerns today are focused on what used to be my local newspaper. When I first came to this community over 30 years ago, an entire page would contain “Letters to the Editor.” But in that issue? Not a single letter. And that’s become the norm. Jason “invites” us to write – just so long as we don’t write about community members, politicians or groups or express an opinion that Jason fails to see offers a “unique perspective.” Don’t write a poem or use “language that could raise legal problems.” Hmm… who’s to judge? Jason, I guess.

And if I had any doubts as to the direction that Civitas Media is going, the Aug. 13 “Their View” editorial by Rob Swindell with his commentary on God and suffering makes me question if Rob has ever opened a Bible? God is not a “holy vending machine” who gives us whatever we desire. God actually uses suffering to mold our character and deepen our faith in him (James 1: 2-8). More clueless commentary – I’m done paying for it.

Jim Tuttle