Village’s hard work is appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to say thank you to our city workers for all the hard work they do around town. They make sure our hometown is well-maintained, from the office workers in charge to the laborers getting it done.

Lawns are mowed, rec parks are maintained in various ways, branches and leaves are cleared off the curbs, and the flowers downtown always look beautiful and well-taken care of. In the summer, roadways are repainted and in the winter they are plowed and salted to keep us safe. Christmas lights are hung for our enjoyment and make our town welcoming to residents and visitors alike. When we have storms that down branches and create general havoc, the workers get out there and get it taken care of. Our water and sewer department works hard at maintaining our systems and keeping us as clean and safe as possible. We have decent streets and they are kept swept and cleared off.

I am sure there are countless other jobs that I am missing and more that I know nothing of.

I appreciate the Spirit of ‘76 banners but I miss seeing Old Glory flying from our flag poles. Just a thought.

I am sure these can be thankless jobs but I appreciate the work it takes and I’m sure others do too. I love our town and the good, hard-working people in it. Thanks again!

Kathy Caywood