Ashamed of fair board’s flag decision

To the editor:

I deeply regret the decision of the Lorain County Fair board to continue to condone the flag of the army of the Confederacy, the same flag of the Ku Klux Klan, by allowing its sale at the fair.

I do agree that we all have a right to free speech. However, I resent having the good name of Lorain County associated with the hate speech of white supremacy. I also agree that the flag represents the heritage of the South, that part of our heritage of which I am ashamed: slavery, racism, segregation, apartheid. Having grown up in Louisiana and witnessing crosses burn in the front yards of African American families, having seen the flag of the army of the Confederacy fly behind such atrocities as lynching, and having been called a “n——- lover,” I shutter seeing our society creep back to those times.

You may not consider yourself racist, but if you support racism, I beg to differ. By supporting the sale of the flag flown by the KKK, you are indeed racist, which you have a right to be, but you do not have the right to place the name of Lorain County behind your racism.

I again ask the board, would you have allowed the sale of the Confederate flag at the fair in 1866 when boys from Ohio returned home torn from battle, if they returned at all?

The Rev. Paul Wilson

First Wellington United Methodist Church