Pride returns to Wellington athletics

To the editor:

As you all may know, sports in Wellington have declined in the past five years or so. I have gone to home games where the opposing team has equal if not more fans than that of Wellington. Back in my day when I attended Wellington, the morale was so great than even before a game there was only standing room left.

This year, when Wellington was hitting its peak of decline, we found someone to turn it around. Mr. Dan Gundert, boys varsity basketball coach, brought pride back for this community.

Not only did the team have a great record and move on in the playoffs, but he brought the spirit back to our sports. It was nice to go to the game last Friday and see more Wellington fans filling the stands than those from Oberlin. Mr. Gundert’s success also spans from the fact he is from Wellington. He has grown up here and he knows what it means to be an athlete here. He is not a coach from two hours away who does not have an idea about what Wellington needs.

Mr. Gundert is my type of coach; he fights for the athletes he coaches but he’s not afraid to put them in check. Also, our athletic director here at Wellington wants more kids to attend sporting events at the high school; Mr. Gundert achieved this by winning. No one is going to pay $5 to get into a game where they will have to watch a team get annihilated.

What Mr. Gundert does should set an example for the rest of the coaches for Wellington. He does what it takes to win and not what benefits specific people. The pride he brought to our community is something that cannot be replaced and I for one cannot wait until this catches hold.

Merle Simmons