Former councilman supports Young for mayor

To the editor:

Having served as a councilman for the village and working with four different mayors, I firmly believe that Patti Young is the correct choice to be elected to this position.

At this time, the village needs a mayor with the vision and leadership to see that Wellington provides the services and safety it has now and in the future. As mayor, she will provide this leadership.

As a member of Main Street Wellington, she has worked for the village, for the Main Street organization, and for the good of the community. As a member of that organization, she has had the opportunity to meet and work with Lorain County organizations and has gotten them to provide support for the village. She has been in contact with and has served on Lorain County boards. This is important that the new mayor has these contacts and continues to have their respect and support.

As a founding member and current president of Main Street, Patti has demonstrated the ability to lead and provide guidance for the good of local businesses, the organization itself, and for the village. With her budgetary and financial expertise, she has guided Main Street through a tough couple of years and will do the same for the village. As a member of the board of design review, she has worked to keep the downtown area an attractive and vibrant place to call our home.

It is important that the mayor be available any time she is needed, day or night. She works locally and can be reached as needed. With the location of her business, she will be available to meet with the village supervisors to handle problems as they arise.

At this time, I am asking for your support on Nov. 3 to elect Patti Young as the mayor for the village of Wellington.

Harold L. Sumpter