Schneider has the experience to be mayor

To the editor:

On Nov. 3, the village of Wellington will be choosing a new mayor. I believe that Hans M. Schneider has the experience and knowledge needed to be our next mayor. Over the past six years, I have worked alongside Hans as a member of village council. Simply put, he is ready to be our mayor. He reads his council packet beforehand and comes to meetings prepared. He asks questions, suggests solutions, and works to find common ground on issues that are divisive. Even in the rare instance where there is not an agreement, he doesn’t just leave things at the table. He pushes those issues aside so that he can move forward with a clean and fresh approach to the next topic.

He understands the complexity of the village government and the responsibility it has. We are a company with as many as 70 employees during our peak summer season, a nearly $14 million budget, and a responsibility to nearly 5,000 residents. The job of mayor is not something that can be learned in a handful of meetings.

Village government isn’t easy work. Although it is rewarding on a personal level, it’s also difficult. There are no shortcuts in what village government does. There shouldn’t be any to the mayor’s office. Hans has been involved long enough to understand the issues and intricacies of how the village works. He has shown the commitment to learn all he can.

The platform Hans presented at Candidates Night covered a variety of issues that our community faces. His message was clear, concise, and on point. Only one candidate is prepared to be our next mayor and that candidate is Hans M. Schneider. Please join me in voting for Hans on Nov. 3.

Sandy Denes

Wellington Village Council