Stump has already been effective

To the editor:

I am asking voters to join me in electing Kevin Stump to the Wellington school board. He stresses providing all students a first-rate education, academic achievement and excellence, and solid working relationships with engaged parents.

Kevin stands out from the field of candidates for this reason: He has already been doing the work. His remarks were constructive and fiscally responsible during turbulent school board meetings in early 2015, he worked with administration and others to reinstate all-day kindergarten, and he was a member of the panel interviewing and recommending Dennis Mock as Wellington Schools superintendent. Kevin is part of the new community involvement on the board committees for finance and curriculum.

Kevin was a core member in fundraising for the Patricia Lindley Center, in getting voter approval for a school improvement levy and a new McCormick Middle School, a key element in bringing Wellington back to better days. He remembers (so do I) when Wellington’s schools were a source of great pride in our town.

One school board member can accomplish great things only by working with fellow board members, administration, faculty, and staff. In the list of candidates, Kevin is the person who most embraces these qualities. His career experience is a great match for serving Wellington schools. I was very moved by his question to himself, “Am I doing everything I can do to make a difference for my children?” He has the passion for it.

Kevin Stump is a diligent worker. He is an outstanding candidate for the responsibilities involved with making our schools great again. Join me in putting him on the Wellington school board.

Bill Brumfield