Mother speaks of son’s dedication, BoE race

To the editor:

I have hesitated about presenting my opinions of Dan Rosecrans, a candidate for the Wellington Exempted Village School District board of education, because it would be viewed as biased, and it is! Who would know him better than his mom?

Many readers may recognize me as their community banker for the past 44 years. Serving the public and our community seems to run in the family.

Dan has been a public servant for 22 years as a police officer. Also, he is active with the activities of his two daughters and attendance at school board meetings. This has kept him informed of not only parent concerns but their wealth of ideas.

Dan has the “feel of the community” and has declared his dedication to this job with 100 percent commitment and effort. His “new voice” will speak toward the wellness and return of our schools’ financial pride.

Please support Dan on Nov. 3 with your vote.

Joyce Rosecrans