Father talks about mayoral candidate’s qualities

To the editor:

I’ve known Hans Schneider since the day he was born, watched him take his first steps, heard him say his first words. I’ve watched him grow into a fine man, loving husband, great custodial dad and veteran councilman, with the leadership skill and experience necessary to lead Wellington for the next four years.

Residents and officials who work closely with him tell me that two of his best qualities are seeing both sides of an issue and finding middle ground between people with opposing points of view. I’ve never seen a meeting he didn’t have time to attend or a resident he was too busy to talk to. That will continue. As mayor he has committed to having part-time hours at the town hall, some during the week, some on weekends. He will be available to everyone.

By serving on council for the past 13 years, Hans has had his finger on the pulse of the community and its people. He knows you, you know him. Being a youthful 47 he will bring new energy and enthusiasm to the mayor’s office.

I’m voting for Hans not because he’s my son but because I feel he is better qualified, would be the better mayor. I hope you will vote for him, too.

Mike Schneider