Wellington Township zoning resolution not being enforced

To the editor:

How would you like a corporate owned and operated shooting range in your backyard?

No? Well, you’re not alone. Neither do the residents in the immediate vicinity of Pitts Road or Wellington Township officials but that didn’t stop township officials from giving permission to allow one to operate in a residential neighborhood… away from their own neighborhoods, of course.

The property in question was purchased by the Amherst Sportsman Club and is zoned R1-1 (agricultural residential). The Wellington Township zoning resolution is very clear in its intended use of R1-1 zoned land and it does not include a shooting range.

What’s the point in having zoning laws if they’re only going to be ignored and not protect the welfare of Wellington Township residents?

Personal safety. Unrelenting noise inherent with shooting ranges. Property devaluation.

These are only a few of the negative impacts Wellington Township residents are expected to accept because of a misguided decision to “bend the rules” to accommodate an outside private corporation.

Don’t let our township be subjected to random, misguided zoning decisions without having an opportunity to discuss it publicly.

Residents should contact Wellington Township officials and let them know how they feel or plan to attend the next township meeting on Oct. 6 to learn more about this issue.

Christopher Twining