Shopping cart ‘flash mob’ to hit Geyer’s

Staff Report

One lucky family who enters Geyer’s Fresh Foods in Wellington the week of Jan. 16-22 is in for a big surprise.

It will be surrounded by a “flash mob” that will help fill a shopping cart with $100 worth of healthy foods.

The event is sponsored by THRIVE! Southern Lorain County, a collaborative launched in July 2016. Its mission is to help residents lead healthier lives through improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and informed behavioral health – all to reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Research has shown that 69 percent of residents in southern Lorain County are obese, so the risk of associated health problems is high.

“The Flash Mob is fun and educational, a great way to get consumers to think about how to select and buy healthier foods for their families,” said Sarah Ross, THRIVE! spokeswoman and senior membership director of the Vermilion Family YMCA.

Sue Kutting, manager of Geyer’s, said January is the perfect time to stage the flash mob, as families are tightening their wallets and eating healthier foods after the holidays.

The exact date and time the surprise will be sprung is a secret.

Libby Showalter, registered dietitian with the Cleveland YMCA, will discuss ways that the family can get more nutrition “bang for the buck.” For instance, an average nine-ounce bag of potato chips can cost $2.50 while a pound of broccoli is typically less than $2. Nutrition-wise, broccoli far outweighs the chips.

THRIVE! will offer Geyer’s shoppers recipes based on food items chosen for the flash mob shopping cart, tips on healthy shopping, and nutrition information from MyPlate, the United States Department of Agriculture’s resource on healthy diets.

Geyer’s and THRIVE! will mount posters about the flash mob in the store and throughout Wellington.

Staff Report