Former Superette building declared unsafe

By Jonathan Delozier -

The former Superette building at 215 North Main St. has been declared a serious hazard for occupancy by village officials.

A study by the Poggemeyer Design group in 2014 first documented the deterioration of the building, but a new buyer emerging this fall brought the issue back before village council.

Elyse Koker purchased the former market space for $65,000 in September from Wellington-based Country Ties LLC. Before that transaction took place, the village had issued an adjudication order to Country Ties for non-compliance with state building standards.

The building is currently empty but structured to house two businesses on the bottom floor and six apartments on the top two floors.

Koker is already taking care of some minor repairs herself and is putting together plans for a large overhaul this spring. There are no definite plans for a prospective business yet, but the owner said a retail establishment is the likely scenario.

“The violations have been established and they’re being taken care of,” she said. “Everything needs to be cleaned out before I can get my contractor in there. Volunteers are welcome if anyone wants to come down and help out. I do want to keep most of the building retail. A lot of people have approached me about coming in, but it has to be structurally sound before any of that can happen.”

Poggemeyer cited the deterioration of mortar from most exterior brickwork, uncapped chimneys allowing rain and snow to pour in, and standing water in the building due to improper roof drainage.

Windows are missing from most of the third floor, which has allowed birds to enter freely. Water damage has caused the floor to buckle and sink on both the second and third floor.

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By Jonathan Delozier