Ohio offers brief tax amnesty window

Staff Report

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, Ohio taxpayers who have fallen behind can get a bit of a break.

The state’s biennial budget includes a new tax amnesty program. Delinquent taxpayers who voluntarily pay the full amount of their back taxes and half of the interest due — before the deadline — can have all penalties waived.

If you have unreported or underreported state taxes that were due May 1, 2017, you’re eligible for this program.

Eligible personal taxes include Ohio’s personal income tax and school district income tax. Eligible business taxes include Ohio’s commercial activity tax, state and local sales and use tax, financial institutions tax, and excise taxes for alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes.

The reprieve is for taxpayers who voluntarily disclose and pay their delinquent Ohio taxes during the amnesty period.

Bad news: If you’ve already received a notice of assessment or have been audited, the program isn’t for you.

Staff Report