Toddler dies after being hit by car

Staff Report

A 22-month-old girl died Monday morning after being struck by a family car on Peck Wadsworth Road in Wellington Township.

Unseen, Elinna Holmes followed a family member out of a house west of Rt. 58 and walked into the path of a car that was being moved in the driveway, according to Lt. Donald Barker of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

The family member told authorities the child could not be seen from their vantage point in the vehicle and they they did not initially know the accident had occurred.

When they discovered what had happened, they immediately called 911. Just before 11 a.m., deputies, Wellington firefighters, and South Lorain County Ambulance District EMTs were scrambled to Peck Wadsworth.

The child died at the scene, responders said.

The Lorain County coroner’s office was also called to the house to investigate the incident.

Wellington village officials expressed their condolences at Monday’s village council meeting, including mayor Hans Schneider, who asked for a moment of silence.

“Our safety services responded to a tragic situation today,” said police chief Tim Barfield. “They’re all suffering deeply from that. Take some time to think about them and the family that’s going through this. It’s a bitter part of the job.”

“The Holmes family are friends to a lot of us and very active members in this community, from Well-Help to the ambulance board,” said councilwoman Sandy Denes. “They lost a granddaughter today and it’s a terrible situation.”

Staff Report