Community mourns 15-year-old

By Jonathan Delozier

A 15-year-old Wellington High School student was found dead at his home early Wednesday morning after apparently taking his own life.

District superintendent Ed Weber has written a letter to students, staff, and parents that includes the student’s name but privacy is being requested at this time.

A crisis intervention team will be made available in Wellington schools as the buildings and village grieve the loss of the freshman.

On Thursday, Weber said the student, was one of the first he met after taking over as district head. The boy was an eighth-grader at McCormick Middle School at the time.

“We met each other right away in February,” he said. “He was at all of our football games this fall and has been very friendly to me. He’d always come up and shake my hand and talk for a minute or two. Not every teenager does that. I feel personally connected and I haven’t even been here that long. I can’t imagine how his loved ones and the rest of the community feels. It’s just very sad.”

In the letter, Weber directed those grieving or having thoughts of depression to the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services’ 24-hour text line that can be used by texting 4HOPE or HELLO to 741741.

The Nord Center in Lorain also has a 24-hour crisis hotline available at 1-800-888-6161.

A vigil for the teen was held Wednesday evening at the Howk Memorial Park gazebo.

“He had his ups and downs,” Weber said. “He was talking to me every week and was checking in with his principal every day. He was just a friendly person and seemed happier than he’d been in a while. You want to be on alert to help your students and this is very heartbreaking.”

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By Jonathan Delozier