Main Street looking for board members

By Jonathan Delozier -

Two new board members are needed at Main Street Wellington after a pair of recent resignations.

Work obligations away from Wellington have forced Janeal Hardoby and Kerri Broome to leave their board seats. Broome was recently named the new executive director of the Lorain County Historical Society.

Main Street also recently voted to change bylaws that limited the board to 12 members. The limit is now 18, but Main Street director Jenny Arntz said public interest in the seats and creating more office space will determine how many are filled.

Eleven board members remain after the resignations.

Any prospective members are voted on at Main Street’s annual meeting, which is slated to be held in mid- to late January.

“We’re looking for people who have a vested interest in trying to help improve the town of Wellington,” said Arntz. “That can be through economic development or with different events we hold in the community.”

Main Street has proposed creating an empty property registry in the village, which would allow the village to impose annual fines on owners whose buildings go unused.

Board members usually work three to five hours per month including meetings, which are held at 9 a.m. the third Thursday of each month at Main Street’s office, 118 West Herrick Ave.

An application form can also be picked up at the Main Street office.

“We want to create more flexibility and a broader scope of views in getting more people around the table,” Arntz said. “We’ve got some great people who just came on board this year and last year. I think adding to that would just be great, especially if they come from some of our new local businesses.”

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By Jonathan Delozier