BoE members bow out as candidates step up

By Valerie Urbanik -

Joe Calfo and Jacquie Dovin will not seek re-election to the Wellington board of election this November, according to filings with the Lorain County Board of Elections.

The five residents who met Wednesday’s deadline to seek office include (in alphabetical order):

• William Bogan

• Tiffany Gancos

• Kyle McHugh

• Daniel Rosecrans

• Kevin Stump

Lorain and Sheffield city schools are the only other districts that have as many candidates seeking election to the school board.

Mayor Barbara O’Keefe, who has led the village for 22 years, has decided not to run again. She leaves the race between village councilman Hans Schneider and resident Patti Young.

Mark Bughman, Helen Dronsfield, and Guy Wells filed to retain their seats on council and as such win the jobs.

In Wellington Township, incumbent LeRoy Brasee will keep his seat as trustee and Virginia Haynes will be fiscal officer.

In Pittsfield Township, Tari Diedrick will serve as fiscal officer and Daniel Louis Clark and Mark Diedrick have filed to contest one open trustee seat.

Kenneth Ziegler is the sole candidate running for a trustee seat in Brighton Township and wins uncontested.

In Huntington Township, Robert Holmes will serve as trustee and Sheila Lanning will be fiscal officer.

Lloyd Gordon will keep his trustee seat in Penfield Township, unopposed, and Vicki Denes will continue to serve as fiscal officer.

Kathryn Frombaugh will keep her seat as Rochester’s mayor and incumbents Susan Sparks and Cynthia Kurpley have filed to keep their seats on council.

In Rochester Township, Amy Szmania is the sole candidate running for trustee and Laura Brady as fiscal officer.

The Lorain County board of elections must evaluate each candidate’s petitions and verify they contain the appropriate number of signatures from registered voters by Aug. 17.

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By Valerie Urbanik