Hear that? Sirens don’t reach everyone

By Jonathan Delozier - jdelozier@aimmediamidwest.com

Residents say they cannot hear the sound of new emergency sirens in certain parts of Wellington inside the village limits.

The issue was brought up Monday by council members, who said they’d heard concerns that a test blast of the three sirens at noon Saturday didn’t reach all corners of the village.

On the Enterprise’s Facebook page, residents on Rt. 18, Prospect Street, and Peck Wadsworth Road said they could not hear the test. One person on Pleasant Street posted that she did hear it.

Councilman Gene Hartman was the first to bring up the issue, saying constituents had reached out to him.

“This is something that may or may not be able to be solved without spending more money,” police chief Tim Barfield said. He encouraged residents to subscribe to the Lorain County Emergency Notification System, or LENS, which sends out messages in conjunction with the emergency sirens going off.

Free registration for the system is available at www.goo.gl/SdvX7i (we created a much shorter link to make it simpler for readers).

“If anyone doesn’t know how to subscribe to LENS, just contact the fire or police department and we’ll be glad to sign you up,” Barfield said. “Please sign up for it. Any of the people I’ve talked to who didn’t hear the siren did get the notification through LENS.”

Mayor Hans Schneider said the link will soon also be posted on the village’s Facebook page.

The three sirens — installed in April on Parkside Reserve Street, West Herrick Avenue, and Rt. 58 across from Village Market — were purchased for $34,000 from Sentry Siren of Colorado.

The South Lorain County Ambulance District and Wellington fire department each contributed $4,000 toward that amount.

In May 2016, Schneider said the village’s former siren arrangement left sites such as McCormick Middle School, Wellington Community Park, and the Lorain County Fairgrounds in danger of not hearing emergency notifications.

The siren atop village hall is still also used for some emergencies but no longer for fire calls.

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By Jonathan Delozier