Schools re-sign with Pisanick for food service in 2017-2018

Food service manager is part of new deal

By Jonathan Delozier -

Pisanick Partners will double its take this year to plan cafeteria services for the Wellington Schools.

A new contract jumps payments to the Brecksville company from $25,000 to $55,000 starting this fall.

The additional costs will go toward hiring a dedicated food service manager for the first time since business manager Tim Wulfhoop was terminated in April 2016.

“We didn’t have a cafeteria manager this year and had a few options on our plate,” said district superintendent Ed Weber.

The board of education could have hired a food supervisor on its own. Weber said Pisanick Partners offered to put together a special proposal that subcontracts out a manager.

Carrie Beegle & Associates will provide the manager.

All the cafeteria labor will remain school employees, Weber said. Only the manager will be contracted out.

The food service director is responsible for all school cafeterias, federal reporting, and overseeing the district’s free and reduced lunch program.

“We were doing this by splitting up the role,” said Weber. “When Tim Wulfhoop left, his duties were split up among different workers. It’s always been pieced together like that since then. As we kind of rebuild the infrastructure for that, we’re going to have one person doing that job again.”

Food services that were introduced last year by Pisanick include up-to-the-minute online school menus; “build-a-meal” options with detailed calorie, sugar, and sodium counters; and filters for allergens and religious preferences.

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Food service manager is part of new deal

By Jonathan Delozier