COUNCIL: $852K bid lowers Adams Street costs by about a third

By Jonathan Delozier -

Costs are $400,000 lower than expected for a sewer, pavement, and sidewalk overhaul on Adams Street.

A bid from Fechko Excavating of Medina for $851,722 has been approved by Wellington village council. It’s markedly cheaper than the $1.3 million price tag that was being projected.

Village manager Steve Dupee said July is still targeted as a start date for construction. That won’t be finalized until Wellington learns whether it will receive approximately $1 million in low-interest loans from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

That decision is expected to be made by the end of June.

The Ohio Public Works Commission has already contributed $350,000, of which half is a grant and half is a loan.

“I’d be very surprised if we didn’t receive the EPA funding,” Dupee said. “The only last little piece they needed was the approval of the construction bid, which will allow them to come up with their final loan amount numbers. It all looks really good and there’s been nothing to indicate we won’t get these funds.”

Council’s approval of Fechko’s bid is contingent upon receiving the EPA loans. If that funding were to flounder, the bid process would have to restart.

“Without the loan approval, council’s decision to authorize the bid would essentially be voided,” said Dupee. “The potential of that happening, though, is very remote at this point.”

Although the project will not be as expensive as once thought, assessments collected from Adams Street residents, expected to total around $219,000, will remain the same.

The assessments are determined by the front footage of properties and range between $4,500 and $13,000 per household. The amount can be paid up front or spread out over 20 years on village taxes.

“We are sharing expenses associated with the pavement portion of the construction,” said Dupee. “The bid amount didn’t come in at a point where it fell below what the residents’ share is. The residents’ share is a fixed share.”

The project will cover Adams between Barker and North Main streets with 1,190 feet of pavement, 1,094 feet of waterline, and 231 feet of storm sewer repairs and replacements.

“There could be factors that change the timeline or cost of the project later on,” Dupee said. “But right now, we’re on track and I expect things to keep moving along.”

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By Jonathan Delozier