Planning commission OK’s Dukes bleacher drawings, more paved parking needed

By Jonathan Delozier -

Conceptual plans to install new bleachers at Wellington High School’s Dickson Street stadium were approved April 26 by the village planning commission.

Schools superintendent Ed Weber was joined by Scott Alleman of TDA Architecture to present the drawings. The Wellington board of education has moved forward with a four-phase plan by TDA to revamp the Dukes stadium, starting with bleachers and moving on to lighting, the track, and eventually a new football field.

Only plans for the bleachers were approved April 26. Next up will be gaining preliminary and final approval for construction, which mayor Hans Schneider said could happen at the commission’s next meeting.

“We had some questions in regard to more paid parking being needed,” he said. “The schools will get back with their design guy and we’ll get back to it soon. Preliminary and final votes can be held at the same meeting. Everyone wants to get this moving along as quickly as possible.”

The Poggemeyer Design Group has said 346 parking spaces are needed for events at the football field, and TDA’s plan included 368. However, 275 of those are located in grassy areas surrounding the site.

Currently, there are 93 paved spaces — 55 on the north end and 38 on the south. The old bleachers seated just over 2,400 fans while the new ones will hold 1,412.

Officials have asked the schools and TDA to add additional paved parking spaces to the plan before the next presentation.

There is no timetable yet for construction to begin, but officials still expect the bleachers to be completed in time for Dukes football season this fall.

“Getting this done will be beneficial to everyone,” said Schneider. “People around the community have been upset in regard to the stands. What should’ve been handled in a few months has taken a couple of years. The schools want to move forward and get past this as well. It’s always a good thing to come together and solve issues like this.”

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By Jonathan Delozier