Schools close book on softball complaint

By Jonathan Delozier -

No discipline will result from a complaint made against Wellington High School softball coach Duane Sunagel.

The board of education met for three hours on March 21 with parents and students who filed the complaint, then sat for two hours behind closed doors with Sunagel on March 30.

“We had a very productive discussion,” said district superintendent Ed Weber, who confirmed the investigation had been closed with no action. “We want to thank the parents and student scholars for all of their contributions.”

According to parents, the complaint involved two seniors who’d been cut from the team as well as “tough” coaching practices. Board members did not confirm of deny those claims.

Several parents spoke out on behalf of Sunagel, saying the coach’s practices are beneficial to the team and necessary to compete on the softball diamond with strong opponents like Keystone.

Sunagel just started his third season coaching the Dukes.

Last year, the team finished 12-14 but managed to win two playoff games and a sectional championship before falling to Elyria Catholic in the district semifinals.

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By Jonathan Delozier