Planning for bicentennial underway

Contest to design new Wellington seal one of many parts of celebration

By Jonathan Delozier -

Plans for Wellington’s bicentennial year in 2018 are already underway.

An ordinance establishing a fund for the year-long celebration is on village council’s agenda Feb. 21. Mayor Hans Schneider said he and council might choose fast-track it.

“We may just go ahead and get it passed as an emergency and be done with it,” he said. “We all just want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible on this.”

Community events such as the Lorain County Fair and Cheese Heritage Festival could be incorporated into the celebration. A contest will also be held to design an official seal for Wellington, which has always used Ohio’s state seal as its own.

“I’m looking to kick that contest off in the latter half of the year,” said Schneider. “We’ll put a survey out that people can go to online, take those votes, and get a seal for the village that represents what people are proud of in Wellington.”

Councilman Guy Wells said it will be hard to narrow down what depictions of the village’s history go in the seal.

“The sky’s the limit on the possibilities,” he said. “We’ve got a little under 5,000 people who are going to have a lot of interesting ideas. I know there will be plenty of views and ideas to create something good. While it may be hard to select only a few, everyone’s input will help with that process. It’s a great idea and I look forward to it.”

Morris Furcron, president of the Wellington Kiwanis and former village police chief, said he’d like to see the old McCormick Middle School and village hall’s clock tower on the new seal.

“Not many people remember that McCormick used to hold all grades, kindergarten through high school,” he said. “We all went to school there when I was a kid. That’s something that really tells a great deal about Wellington’s history.”

The village will also include the naming and dedication of the old McCormick property in the celebration, which could happen at a prospective all-year class reunion for Wellington High School alumni.

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Contest to design new Wellington seal one of many parts of celebration

By Jonathan Delozier