Schools purchase 200 new laptops

By Jonathan Delozier -

Two hundred new laptops costing $133,750 will be purchased for students at the Wellington Schools.

The board of education approved the purchase Feb. 9 from Cleveland’s Starfish Computer Corporation. Each computer will cost $668.75.

The price tag is covered by Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which assists schools with higher percentages of low-income families, and Title VI-B of the Disabilities Education Act, which helps districts supplement their special education programs.

Although the money used in the purchase limits which students can regularly use the computers, the district can disperse them however it pleases when it comes time for state testing, said superintendent Ed Weber.

“With the current computer purchase, we really want to make sure the unit and our current infrastructure and network is functioning with good reliability,” he said. “We wanted them to be in the familiar wheelhouse of staff and students. That benefits everyone.”

Starfish also provides the Wellington Schools with network security and backup services. Last year the company proposed installing a virtual server, which would allow students to access their work any time from any location.

“Pulling out new technology 30 days before students take tests is probably not a good academic decision,” said Weber. “Virtual servers are very next generation,” said Weber. “Students could log on with any device and pull up their same desktop as if they were at their school desk computer. That’s probably two or three years down the road for us.”

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By Jonathan Delozier