Move to new McCormick coming early

By Kelsey Leyva -

The new McCormick Middle School is expected to be compete a month ahead of schedule according to school officials.

Teachers and students need to be ready to move as early as Nov. 1 to the new building on North Main Street, Wellington Schools superintendent Dennis Mock told board members last Tuesday.

The move is expected to happen by Thanksgiving break at the latest.

“I think all the brick is completed on the building and the entire facility will be under roof by mid-August,” he said. “That will give them the remainder of August, September, and October to finish the interior, which is the installation of the cabinets and the doors and flooring.”

The only thing that may interfere with the anticipated time frame is inclement weather.

Mock said the move will be easy and doesn’t expect it to take longer than one weekend.

The new building is fully furnished so the only things being transported in the move are students, teachers, and the teachers’ lesson materials.

The initial plan was to move the materials over Christmas break and have the students move to the new McCormick after the new year. Despite the change, Mock doesn’t foresee students having any issues transitioning.

“Kids are pretty flexible,” he said. “They’re resilient and I think they’ll welcome the new facility.”

Mock said he plans to schedule a dedication ceremony for the public to see the new building before students and staff move in.

Asbestos inspection began about four weeks ago at the old McCormick building.

Mock none of the asbestos will be removed until everyone is moved out of the building so it will be safe when students return this fall.

He expects the bids for contractors interested in demolishing the old building to go out Aug. 6.

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By Kelsey Leyva