Study looks at Jones Street traffic problems

By Jonathan Delozier -

A daily bottleneck of traffic on Jones Street going to and from all three Wellington schools has been deemed problematic in a study by the Poggemeyer Design Group.

The firm recommends putting in a new left turn light at the intersection of Jones Street and South Main Street. The study will be sent along to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Village council said the hours of 7-9 a.m. and 2-5 p.m. are especially troublesome.

“It’s a madhouse down there,” said mayor Hans Schneider. “People need to be able to get out of there more quickly and more efficiently. Hopefully, this is the beginning of alleviating those problems.”

He said ODOT could also recommend a new left turn lane and the village will wait to hear back before any further steps are taken.

Council members weighed in on their personal experiences getting caught in the traffic jam.

“You just can’t turn left,” said Mark Bughman. “Sometimes people have to use side streets and go all the way downtown to get out of there.”

“I think it would be a bad situation even without the schools back there,” said Helen Dronsfield.

There is no word yet on the cost of modifying the intersection or what percentage of that cost Wellington would take on.

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By Jonathan Delozier