Scrubs by Lisa opens downtown

By Kelsey Leyva -

Local nurses, home-health aides, veterinarians, and others who wear scrubs will no longer have to drive long distances to buy them after Aug. 5.

Lisa Murray, a former registered nurse and Wellington resident, is opening a shop called Scrubs by Lisa in downtown Wellington.

For years Murray said she would travel to neighboring cities and sometimes neighboring counties to purchase the scrubs she needed for work. When she did find them, the prices were high and the options were slim.

Murray has lived in the village since 2001 and wanted to find a scrubs store closer to home.

About four months ago, she began selling scrubs and other medical equipment such as thermometers and stethoscopes online. She will offer the same materials at her physical location.

Before finding a storefront in the village, Murray considered opening a shop in Medina, which is another area with a high demand for scrubs and medical equipment. After much consideration she decided to stay in what she considers her hometown.

“I’m trying to promote people to shop here and stay here in town,” Murray said. “If this goes very well, I’d like to open a shop in Columbus.”

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By Kelsey Leyva