Super search down to three candidates

You can meet the finalists at Nov. 29 forum

By Jonathan Delozier -

Four months after the departure of Dennis Mock, the Wellington school district has narrowed its search for a new superintendent to three hopefuls.

They are William Greene, assistant superintendent of business services at North Ridgeville Schools; Timothy Simpson, assistant principal at Classen School of Advanced Studies in Oklahoma City, Okla., and former McCormick Middle School principal in Wellington; and Edward Weber, principal of the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine.

A community night has been planned for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29 at the Patricia Lindley Center for the Performing Arts, where each candidate will have one hour to field questions and state their case to land the job.

Interim superintendent Tom Tucker is asking those interested in submitting questions to do so by mail, phone, or by stopping into any Wellington Schools office, including his own.

Selected questions will be asked by a moderator during the community forum.

“We want to avoid duplicate questions because each person only has a certain amount of time to speak,” said Tucker. “There won’t be any kind of debate format. One candidate will go on at six, the next at seven, and the last at eight. This is a chance for the community to meet the next leader of the district. We don’t want to turn it into a political atmosphere.”

An initial timeline of early November was set upon Tucker’s arrival in August to have a permanent superintendent selected. Tucker said he knows plans like that can quickly change in a school district.

“I’ve been doing this for 39 years, so I understand how these processes work,” he said. “I told the board when I came that I’ll stay as long as they need me. I have no deadline for when I have to leave. What’s important is to get a quality candidate now who will be able to finish out this school year. If the board asks me to help out in the transition, I’ll be happy to do that.”

Once selected, there is no set date for the new superintendent to begin work in Wellington. Tucker said the ideal target time would be in December or January.

“If I’m the interim for the year, it puts us into a holding pattern,” he said. “The new person would be hired in June or July and then we’d be a year behind. This way, we’re getting a good jump on things. Many quality people applied for this job. The final three are all currently employed, so when they become available will also dictate things.”

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You can meet the finalists at Nov. 29 forum

By Jonathan Delozier